Cecchetti USA wishes to thank our contributors for their generosity:


Cecchetti International Classical Ballet 

Cecchetti Ballet Theatre 


Denise Wilson in Memory of Shiela Darby 


Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hawkesworth 

Ms. Denise Rinaldi

Mr. and Mrs. David Bomke 

Ms. Carol R. Garland

Huntington Academy Dance 

Jeffery and Norine Brown


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marks 

Sylvia Palmer 

Kristin Coleman Teraoka in honor of Allison and Melissa Eguchi 

Beverley Feder School of Classical Ballet

Heidi Wright 

Joan Zuehlke

Joy Clausen in honor of Judith Hawkesworth-Camden, SC The Dance Place

Bresnan Family 

Alison Durham

Louanne Davies 

Anti-Gravity School of Dance 

CF Dance Academy 

Claylee's Dance Academy 

Dance Image 

Huntington Academy of Dance 

Santa Barbara Festival Ballet 

Sacramento Area Dance Alliance