Cecchetti Internationa Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet Competition
August 7–9, 2014
Richmond, Virginia, USA

The Cecchetti USA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 2014 Cecchetti International Classical Ballet Competition hosted by Cecchetti USA was a success! The competition was held in Richmond, Virginia, August 7–9, 2014. The competitors of this competition were eligable to win cash prizes and summer intensive scholarships to many of the world's most prestigious professional ballet schools and/or companies. 


The competition was so interesting and exciting. There were so many scholarships and prizes that I truly believed that every country participating has had a wonderful experience, and felt that the whole process was fair and equitable. I know I did. 

Robina (Beard-IFM, CICB) 


Thank you for your exceptional work, which resulted in a well-organized and worthwhile competition that was a pleasure to attend. 

Deb Bowes (Delegate-Canada) 


I would just like to thank you (Betty Seibert and Denise Rinaldi) both and your team of helpers who made the Cecchetti International Competition 2014 such a success. All the students from Victoria have come home better for the experience of dancing alongside so many wonderful students. They have all made new friends which I know they will meet again-the dance world is very small. 

Anne (Butler-Delegate, Australia) 


Congratulations CICB on a wonderful celebration of dance. My student Chloe Hollow had a truly amazing experience and we would like to thank all the CICB organisers, teachers, coaches, judges and sponsers without whom we know this opportunity would not be available to our young students. 

Monique Feain (Teacher from Australia) 


With warmest congratulations and my sincere thanks for kindly sending me a copy of this spledid reminder (program) of what was clearly a hugely successful occasion. 

Richard (Glasstone, IFM, CICB) 


On behalf of The Perth School of Ballet, we wish to thank all involved wit the recent Ceccheti International Competition held in Richmond, Virginia. Our student Genevieve MacNulty, and teacher Simone Jackson-Pike were made to feel very welcome and found the whole experience to be fantastic. The competition was extemely well run and a credit to the committee on their organisation of the event. 

Mellinda Govan, The Perth School of Ballet-Administrative Assistant 


Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. Every detail of the CICB was perfect and the atmosphere was great. 

Pam (Moore-CCA) 


Firstly, an enormous thank you to both you (Betty Seibert) and CUSA for your warm hospitality and generosity extended to South African delegates, coaches and competitors during the CUSA Residential Course. Huge congratulations are especially due to you and all concerned for a wonderful and superbly organized competition. As Chairman of Cecchetti International Classical Ballet, all aspects of the week were handled by you with such elegance and professionalism and I salute your really great accomplishment! 

Gail Myburgh-Delegate, South Africa 


Congratulations on what clearly was a beautifully orchestrated event. 

Mavis (Staines-Artistic Director, Canada's National Ballet School) 



 Outside centerstage

Inside studio